INER Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical surgical nursing is specialized department which deals with medical surgical problems of all systems in the body. This department assist the students in developing expertise & in-depth knowledge in the field of Medical surgical nursing. It will help students to appreciate the patients as a holistic individual and develop skill to function as a specialized Medical surgical nurse.


  1. Appreciate trends, issues, scope, legal & ethical issues related to medical surgical nursing
  2. Explain relevant anatomy, physiology etiology, pathophysiology & manifestation of various disorders
  3. Perform physical & psychosocial assessment of medical surgical patients
  4. Describe various recent advancement in technologies & treatment modalities in the management of patient with medical surgical conditions
  5. Develop skill in giving comprehensive nursing care to patients
  6. Incorporate preventive, curative & rehabilitative aspects while caring patients

Mr. Sagar Prakash Alaspure
Medical Surgical Nursing

Head of Department

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